Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How a Deranged Cyberstalker was Born

Hell hath no fury like a fan, with boundaries issues, scorned.

Or so that we've been lead to believe after encountering someone who goes by the screen name "Vixen" all over TV and movie sites and discussion forums. Whoever this mysterious person was had some kind of David Caruso fanatic blog up and running since approximately late July of 2006. In passing, her web-presence and the content she spammed --and the manner in which she spammed--was 'funny,' or at least fascinating in a bizarre "scene-of-a-gruesome-murder" kinda way. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't avert your eyes from this peculiar person's fixation with one red haired, shades-wearing, CSI-portraying actor.

By January of 2007 though, the question semi-seriously became: What gives? Why Caruso?

We're not talking about the general feelings toward the Horatio Caine character of CSI: Miami. Even within the Miami fan circles, it's not unusual to hear or read arguments about the show's writing, accuracy and characters. It certainly ain't illegal to find shows, movies or actors/actresses annoying/unwatchable, either. This didn't seem to be the internet stalker's issue, though -- at least, we assume that she would have just moved on to better, alternative programming if that were really the issue.

So the question remained: What is this chick's malfunction, exactly? Not long after we began to half-jokingly/half-seriously ask these questions, I stumbled across what were the first hints of The Vix-Meister's malfunction.

It would seem that every stalker, or socially awkward/freaky "stalker-type" in general, has a "sob story" that defines their obsession(s). Upon discovering that the "Delusional One" had several, indeed, multiple internet monikers on sites ranging from perezhilton.com to IMDb.com, we deduced that The Vix-Meister had her own "sob story," too.

Hints of this were revealed in one particular blog post (scroll down to the comment section) under The Vix-Meister's alternative name, "Horatiolover", at tvguide.com.

However, after we initially drew attention to her original response, "Horatiolover" promptly deleted it. Fortunately, our cyberstalker was much too dim to realize that Google cache retained the original post in tact, which enabled me to grab a screen shot (click the above-right image for larger).

An "unpleasant run-in on July 22, 2006"? Naturally, this stoked our curiosity. It didn't take very long to discover The Vix-Meister elsewhere on the net, this time under the decidedly creepy web handle, "GretaCaruso", offering the reasons behind how and why she became David Caruso's unofficial cyberstalker (click for larger):

Boo-hoo-hoo, indeed. Two things appeared to trigger almost a year's worth of amassing financial information, badly "doctored" photos and rehashing National Enquirer articles aimed at one presumably oblivious David Caruso:

  • a warped sense of fan entitlement, and
  • a deluded overindulgence of celebrity worship.
We still haven't determined the veracity of the sob story; in the mean time, we generally don't know what to make of this peculiar fixation. We just presume that most normal people do not require an "anti-blog" more than a dozen different internet pseudonyms, and a year-long grudge to get over some uneventful celeb encounter.

...But then The Vix-Meister doesn't appear to be like most normal people. Consequently, a jilted "e-Stalker" was born.


lacyleanne said...

Her boo-hoo included: "Then he showered us with some depletives (sic) I don't care to repeat" -

My question is, since when doesn't vixie-bitch use harsh language? HA HA HA - like she is some little prissy prude here and we all know what a filthy fucking mouth she has (and hey, i know i do, so this little pot can call the kettle whatever color i want, ok?).

she/it is really a MESS. Vixen, you dumb bitch! Rachel is on your ass now, girlfriend. HA HA HA HA HA

joywerkz said...

that bitch's really too free & came up with all this bull crap

Tanya said...

What I think, is that they didn't even ask an autograph, it was something else.. starting with B..

Rachel said...

LOL! Lacy -- exactly. As for your filthy mouth, shit babe, you're not the hypocrite here. That's the difference. You can say the 7 seven filthy words to your heart's content as far as I'm concerned.

Rachel said...

Joy -- true; it's possible that it's embellished for the sake of presenting "crocodile tears". But I still think something happened. Actually, I really love Tanya's theory.

By the way, Tanya -- I think I love you.

Tanya said...

I don't think Mr C wouldn't be so rude, if this particular person didn't do or say or make a suggestion that was so insulting that he was so pissed off and had to ban them.
But that's just my theory.
And.. that particular job, starting with B, came up to my mind, only because this particular person has mention it several times in her blog. The only thing that she seems to be interested in, is Mr C's habbits in bed, if you know what I mean?
If you read her blog, you'll see that there is sexistics gestures in every statements.

Rachel said...

Hi Tanya,

Yes -- you're absolutely right and the connection you've made should have been included in the original entry. You're referring to the so-called "Dairies of a SCI Extra", aren't you? I was told they were deleted but I found them still up one of the blogs.

I've read of several other accounts of Caruso where he's described as being quite gracious when it comes to normal fan encounters. So just as you've suggested, this e-stalker is clearly omitting something from her "sob story" and we're sure it has something to do with her "boundaries"--or the lack thereof--in approaching Caruso (and I have no doubt that she's tried to get near him in some way or form--mostly in a "breech-of-security" kind of way) and the almost exclusive sexual obsession with him. Thanks for making that connection.

So looking back at her bizarre sexual fantasy fixation with Caruso , and her surreal and relentless "grunge", your theory makes the most sense.

I think I'll review those weird "Mary Sue" stories as a basis for a future blog entry here.

Tanya said...

Yup, Rachel, that Diaries of an Extra too, and many other post she's made in her "lovely" blog. There's sex in almost every statement. And all she seem to care is Mr C's outward appearance. I mean, don't you think that a man can grow old? He's only a human being, for Gods sake!
I've heard too that Caruso is very friendly what comes to other people, human loving- if that's a real word to describe it.
And because he's only a human being, he's got all the rights to stand out for himself.. that is what normal healthy persons do when someone is too tactless.

Twitchy said...

Brilliant blog!

I was amused by how Vixen writes all of her own comments on her "blogs". At least I hope she does. The concept of several of these people is rather terrifying.

lacyleanne said...

twitchy - stick around! Rachel IS brilliant, and a fabulous writer.

Anonymous said...

maybe she was dropped at birth.

Tanya said...

Something must have happen to that "poor soul" as a kid..
what makes a person go that low?

Carmen said...

Who is this guy you ALL are so obsessed with?

Rachel said...

To answer the first part of your question, Carmen, upon reading this particular entry you might surmise that the ongoing drama revolves around an actor (David Caruso). If you're generally asking about his work, his IMDb career profile will give you a basic run down.

However, I’d argue that no one on this particular blog is ‘obsessed’, though I understand how someone might think that.

No, we just have a morbid fascination with a presumably bitter ex-fan, who apparently has some kind of delusional jilted-bride complex, or something, over the actor.

If anyone is obsessed, it would be her (or him—-the jury's still out on that). We just enjoy identifying and mocking this fact.

Hence, this blog’s existence. It's not for obsessing over the actor (David Caruso); it's actually just a deliberately satirical send-up of his obsessive e-stalker.

lacyleanne said...

vixen was undoubtedly dropped on her head at birth - or something. she isn't right in the head at all. that kind of bitter bile thrown out on innocent people for everyone to read is just wrong.

Rachel said...

I don't even think that a dropped child would turn out that bad. It'd have to take repeated drops, perhaps.

No doubt, [s]he's definitely bruised, though I'm sure it's more her ego than her head. ;)

Carmen said...

I have been at a few of the pages you mentioned. I have seen worse.

Tanya said...

Rachel said...
No doubt, [s]he's definitely bruised, though I'm sure it's more her ego than her head. ;)
Sunday, April 29, 2007 11:22:00 PM

Yea.. and that ego maniac double faced lunatic is blaming Mr C about been big egoed person..
Hah hah!
all the time she/he is talking about her/himself. It's always like that; "she/he who's blaming others, is the one who's to blame". Meaning; she/he's the big egoed, sex addict, cheacting little bitch!!!
Sorry, if I'm repeating myself.

Rachel said...

Tanya said: Yea..and that ego maniac double faced lunatic is blaming Mr C about been big egoed person...

Yes, that's always the interesting part, isn't it? I once joked elsewhere that [s]he's projecting.

Think about it -- all of the negative things she has to say about anything and anyone even remotely linked to Caruso -- it's just her wallowing in her own self-hatred. (Being ego-maniacal, an attention-whore, being obsessed with sex...see a trend?)

Rachel said...

Carmen said: I have been at a few of the pages you mentioned. I have seen worse.

Oh yes, she isn't the only person with a strangely vindictive, delusional fixation with a celebrity but trust me, Carmen -- in this case that's by and large irrelevant.

Carmen said...

But what are you going to do -realistically? Blogs only can be shut down if their content is pornographic, racial motivated or a call on somebody to commit a crime.
Otherwise there is nothing much that can be done about it. And I'm not sure if Mr. Caruso would sue eventually.

Rachel said...

Ahhh! But you see, I'm not going to do anything, Carmen.

This blog 's mission statement clearly indicates that this is satire. Here, the obsessed, delusional wacko exists solely for our amusement.

Speculation of shutting down or suing the actual wacko isn't the interest--or authority--of this blog.

Carmen said...

I have to admit i didn't take the time to read it since I'm mostly reading headlines. Bad habit of mine.

lacyleanne said...

Rach, I STILL think Carmen is affiliated at the very least with Vixie-bitchman. It's just too-too, you know?

Rachel said...

Yes, Lace -- I do know! In fact, if my stats are accurate, Carmen and Vixen are sharing the same machine. ;)

Tanya said...

Rachel said...
Yes, Lace -- I do know! In fact, if my stats are accurate, Carmen and Vixen are sharing the same machine. ;)

Hmm! one of the million ID's?

Rachel said...

Tanya -- you bet it is. We'll make it # 1 million and 1 today.

photoppet said...

I just found this site and was rather relieved to discover I wasn't the only one who had this wacko's number. I've run into her at various locations under various names (it's obviously the same person by her syntax and especially her obvious bitterness and sexual overtones), and just cringed to think that there are people out there who may be fooled by her.

It didn't take long to realize she is a very unbalanced and bitter person who is carrying a grudge to tremendous and unhealthy lengths for either a totally fictitious incident or an actual incident that she has warped out of all recognition in her own deluded mind.

That she cyberstalks him and spends a huge amount of time online dedicating herself to trying to bring everyone around to her twisted perspective, digging out any info she can about him crossing reasonable privacy boundaries, and badmouths everyone from his little son to his girlfriend to his friends is very telling. She's a scary, sick person that I hope to heaven never gets within a hundred miles of the man or anyone else she obsesses over. She'd make a great and creepy perp on a crime show though maybe a little too true to life and corrupted to be comfortable with on public TV.

Rachel said...


Couldn't agree more. Between the public comments and the private email I receive, it's amazing how many people have been silently keeping track of this weirdo. It's a good thing in the grand scheme of things -- people just aren't buying or defending her insanity.

The only people who give her presence any passing credence are gossip rag message board dwellers. Clearly, the wacko is self-aware of how absurd her behavior appears to others and opts to "mingle" on gossip-themed sites, quite cognizant that they would pose less scrutiny than legit entertainment news sites (a few of which have banned her). Of course, after enough exposure, even the gossip-mongers begin to notice the peculiarity of her Caruso fixation and tend to distance themselves from her "grudge war". It never fails.

Finally, yes -- she is much too unbalanced to inspire fiction, that's for sure. I have no doubt that she poses a real danger to others and even herself. Remove the celebrity aspect and you have a clearly disturbed woman who has sacrificed social, life, and professional priorities to "avenge" some real or imagined encounter with a complete stranger. If she's gone this far, she may very well push the envelope further. She certainly wouldn't be the first.

whatever4024 said...

Believe me, she takes both sides of the coin. On IMDb ‘MelodyAnn’ always LOVED David Caruso, but towards the end a few of the other personalities all hated him. It was very funny. When I would catch one of the ID’s in a lie, the others would all gang up on me(or anyone else that would point that out). The multiple ID’s were a big topic of conversation with a few of us. It was very funny.

Yes, I know I’m new here, but I just found you. This is hilarious.

Rachel said...

Oh, I do believe ya. Someone emailed links to her posts from back when she used to be madly in love with Caruso. I couldn't believe the absurdity of the whole thing.

It then became clear that this was a case of a highly resentful and entitled fangirl. Evidently, she's harbored this year-long grudge because Caruso never responded to one of her fan letters.

...Hey, that's perfectly alright; you're very welcomed here.

I used to find it really hilarious in the beginning but these days, the situation is getting pretty surreal. It's almost absurd.

whatever4024 said...

LOL!! Her so called affair was what tipped me off that all the ID's were her. If David Caruso had slepted with as many people as claimed to have slept with him on IMDb, Britney would never be on the cover or the 'Rag' magazines. David Caruso would cover them all.

Plus the fact that all the stories sounded the same. They all spelled the same and talked the same. I'm very good at spotting something that was written by the same person.

Oh... I could tell you stories. LOL!!

Rachel said...

Yes, indeed (re: "Britney vs. Caruso").

"Vix/karen" is just about the only person on-line who shows obsessive interest in dated or completely made-up "romance" gossip about Caruso.

Most of it is just X-rated extensions of her "self-insert" fan fiction about Horatio Caine.

...Not even sure how one goes about writing/publishing amateur fanfic about someone one claims to find physically revolting. Mind-boggling.

whatever4024 said...


I have read some of the x-rated stuff. OMG!! It was so bad. On IMDb, they had to delete her post because of content. She would just keep posting them and they would be deleted again.

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