Sunday, April 29, 2007

One Wacko, Two Hands, & a Million Web IDs

Last updated on November 28, 2007.

Do you frequent TV/movie entertainment sites? Are you a fan of the CSI show franchise, a fan of CSI: Miami in particular, or are you an enlightened, though unimpressed TV geek who thinks that the CSI franchise merely projects the far-fetched adventures of glorified coroners and lab technicians?

If you've answered "yes" to any of the questions, we have this theory that you've likely run into a peculiar web character most prominently by the web-alias "Vixen". In fact, it's more likely that you've run into her and not even know it. That's because this "Vixen" character creates multiple pseudonyms (more appropriately, "sockpuppet" names) for reasons aptly summarized last summer by The New York Times:

"sock-puppeting" [is the] act of creating a fake online identity to praise, defend or create the illusion of support for one’s self, allies or company".
Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of To Catch a Wacko contributers -- especially those of you who continue emailing us with new info and clarifications -- well over two dozen pseudonyms/dummy accounts are attributable to this "cyberstalker" and can be discounted, accordingly.

As you assess the collective list, it'll help to note that bold-faced aliases are the ones most prominent, reoccurring and "imbricated," if that makes sense. You see, the many aliases are part of a pretense to appear as multiple, unaffiliated "third parties". The bold-faced aliases simply reveal the flimsiness/obviousness of "Vixen's" pretense.

Let's begin by taking stock of the "cyberstalker's" primary and most active blogs to date:
These are obsessively updated on a daily basis, typically several times each day on one blog (e.g., David Caruso Revealed) and then cross-posted to any number of others listed above.

But, of course there's much, much more.

This "cyberstalker" also has the propensity to troll mainstream movie/television sites, entertainment news sites, TV/movie-based snark message forums and of course, celebrity gossip sites -- generally, anywhere that'll guarantee captive audiences. You'll thus also find her handiwork:
Additionally, consider that beyond blogs and social networking sites, this peculiar 'cyber-stalker' also obsessively sets up shop on various Internet/blog search engines. This is evidently a ploy to increase (read: inflate) the visibility of the libelous material that is published on her multiple blogs and web profiles. Thus you'll find her inflating her visibility:
In any case, most of the links (some defunct/inactive/banned) typically reflect the same characteristically vitriolic content/tirades. Almost all are marked by the same focuses, obsessions and themes, including:
  • fabricated rumors about Caruso/his family/past and present associations
  • an obsession with referencing outdated/90s-era supermarket tabloid pieces about Caruso
  • stolen/misappropriated photos of Caruso with fans, family or associates
  • confidential information on Caruso/his family/his associates (e.g. SSNs, phone#, financial records, addresses)
  • sloppy and emotional diatribes on anything or anyone remotely associated with David Caruso
There are also "bonus" pseudonyms, falling into 3 categories.

(1) The "Too Obvious" Category:
...Obvious because they clearly belong to the"Vixen" character, who has spammed the IMDb message boards for CSI: Miami, Eva LaRue, Emily Proctor, and David Caruso for well over two years because they are relatively unmoderated. In the process, some of the sockpuppet aliases have become inactive or otherwise banned, including:
HeidiSchnitzer, SeXyKiTTen1975, norakuusik, ladycc,
stephaniecc, angel_girl19, yelina, and WingChick

--Thanks to whatever4024 for supplying these.

Nevertheless, the ones listed just above them remain active. Sadder still, the deranged Austrian national goes through the trouble of logging in and out of the various accounts on a daily basis, and all to forge the pretense of "support" that the NY Times quote points out.

(2) The "Too Creepy" Category:
...Creepy because The Vix-meister attempted to impersonate David Caruso, publishing entries that solicited sex from female web surfers. In other words, this "Vixen" character felt she could compel people to believe that a TV actor would peruse a cheap, adware-riddled blog platform, not for publicity, but rather to sleep with random strangers from the internet. We suspect that only Freudian psychology can explain the cyberstalker's resentful yet intensely sexual preoccupation with Caruso (Exhibit "A").

(3) The "Too Hilarious" Category:
...Hilarious because initially, the cyberstalker wasn't aware that Topix automatically displays posters' IP location. Consequentially, every post she submitted revealed that she accessed the web from Austria, inadvertently discounting past claims of being a German national residing in Beverly Hills, CA (or sometimes, "Miami, FL"). Indeed, on one occasion, the cyberstalker even accidentally used one username from two different IP locations within the very same thread post: as "SunnyMind" from Innsbruck, Austria AND from Dornau, Austria. thus made it obvious that she likely accessed the web from both home and at work, depending on the time of day.

Finally, the pseudonyms "Stella" and "Miriam," of course, appeared on the forum solely to "support" and "corroborate" posts made by "SunnyMind." Suffice it to say, however, that "Stella" and "Miriam" were not having daily slumber parties at "SunnyMind's" house. With the aliases interchangeably pegged as posts from Innsbruck and Dornau, it was embarrassingly clear that one was busy juggling three sockpuppet names.

Since that time, most of the registered pseudonyms have been banned from Topix. In a desperate bid to stay relevant, the peculiar woman uses internet IP proxy software ("web anonymizers") to dodge scrutiny from Topix's administration. Nevertheless, she is summarily banned on a regular basis. During those periods, she then quietly lurks the site for weeks to months at a time, presumably determined to forge the pretense that there's no obvious connection between the previous and future site disruptions.

So there you have it -- a repository of one wacko, two hands, and a million web IDs. To the people who have left notes here or emailed us with info on the pseudonyms, To Catch a Wacko thanks you!


Carmen said...

Interesting - but is there more than just a long list of names? Something that proves that it is her after all?

Rachel said...

I'm not quite sure what you have in mind?

lacyleanne said...

well, darling, add carmen to the list.... I'll bet ya!

On another note - DAMN GIRL! You are making me look bad on my blog! Why can't you and I just post to one?? Shit!

GOOD JOB, RACHEL! (hear that? it's my admiration yelling)

Carmen said...

Just curious because it is a long list of names and it seems a bit far fetched that one can do that all alone.
I have an account at IMDb. I had to give my credit card number to be able to post. After reading your list I went there and tried to open up a second account with a new name but with the same card and it didn't work.
Could it be more than one?

Rachel said...

Lacy -- LOL -- waaaay ahead of you, doll. ;)

Your admiration yelling, huh? Hahaha. And me, making you look bad?! Hell, you've been coming out with the newest, funniest reveals.
Seriously, notice that this blog thus far is essentially a satirical "re-analyzation" of stuff we've discovered already. I haven't stopped contributing to your blog; you just keep beating me to the punch with new information. LOL

Rachel said...

Carmen said: Just curious because it is a long list of names and it seems a bit far fetched that one can do that all alone (...)Could it be more than one?

If you read the entry in full, Carmen, I've addressed this already.

Rachel said...

Carmen said: I have an account at IMDb. I had to give my credit card number to be able to post. After reading your list I went there and tried to open up a second account with a new name but with the same card and it didn't work.

From what I know, credit card authentication is a fairly recent addition to IMDb's registration protocol. Generally speaking, and for the sake of debate, any person--prior to the revision--could accumulate multiple accounts without credit card authentication (hence the revision, clearly).

I have, however, already suggested the possibility that all of this could be a "group loony" effort. After all, there is an unnamed "friend" in vixen's "sob story".

The multiple accounts on Topix, on the other hand, seem to suggest the opposite.

But playing 'e-sleuth' is fun and mysterious like that.

lacyleanne said...

ok, ok, because you were so sweet with your last comment to me in my latest oh-woe-is-me-phase, i wont post anything new for a day or two. i gotta get my sense of humor back here first anyway.

lacyleanne said...

I clicked on "vivien leigh" and it pulled up her site where she id's the profile as Vixen's. Think she is getting confused, or what? LOL - and she's even older in this profile. I think it's one and same gal, Rach. I have a hunch here.

Vixen's Profile

[ currently offline ]
• Name: Vivien Leigh
• Gender: Female
• Birthday: 1977-Mar-2 (Age: 30)
• IM Screen Name: Vixen (AIM)
• Location: Miami, Florida, United States

Entries Written: 133 entries
Comments Written: 485 comments
Signup Date: June 26, 2006
Last Login: April 21, 2007

My Friends Are: (2)
img3045, srr05

I'm A Friend Of: (2)
img3045, srr05

My Interests: (2)
David Caruso, CSI Miami

Vixen's Blogs
The fame and glory of David Caruso 133 entries, 1282 comments
we are here to gossip about our favorite object of desire: DAVID CARUSO

Rachel said...

Lacy -- hell babe, post whatever you want! I do have an idea for a contribution but it'd be me making snippy and heckling observations and not any new revelations. Seriously, you got the number on great exposes. Me? I just howl with laughter over the glory of your genius.

Rachel said...

As for Vivien Leigh, you bet your sweet ass. I would think so too, there's just too much of the paranoid egomania flowing there to properly pull off a good impersonation.

Also, did you notice that "H. Schnitzer" (on was suddenly changed to "puupymaus" only after I threw this post up?

I wonder if that is the wacko's real alias (as in, the one that would show up on a credit card or a mailing address).


Vixen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carmen said...

Seriously, how many people do you know who put their real name onto a very public place like the Internet? When reading a "profile" I expect people to lie or make up things. (I doubt if Lacyleanne Greenleaf is your real name, or?)I expect them to lie about everything - age, sex, name, location.

lacyleanne said...

Carmen/Vixen, you wicked thing! Of course Lacyleanne Greenleaf is NOT my real name, but it's close, honey, it's very close in ways you would never know.

Rachel said...

LOL Lacy, it's no wonder that "Carmen" was obsessed and highly defensive about our "long list of names".

Oh, and "Carmen" as a side note, most people assume a pseudonym on the internet, but not two-fucking-dozen of them.

Of course, you're not most people.

Beka said...

I like to browse the IMDb board for Mr Caruso, and here's a couple more suspects for you:

LadyKSC - has a link to 'davidcarusorevealed' in signature.

Dixeibabe -- has a link to 'davidcarusoandme' in signature

I'll let you know if I find any others... *puts ona hat like Sherlock Holmes's* This sleuthing stuff's kinda fun! XD

Rachel said...

Beka, you're FREAKIN' AWESOME. I'm going to add your finds to the list right this second.

We soooo need to come up with an appropriate sleuthing nickname for you now. ;D

Tanya said...

Can you enter the "fame and glory of DC-blog? I think it's either closed or.. my browser won't allow me to enter it. Not that I want to go the so ´desperately, but just checking if she's already "breaking".

Rachel said...

Hi there Tanya,
It looks like it's still up and running (I can definitely see it). Perhaps the site server was temporary down.

You really got my hopes up for a sec! ;D

Tanya said...

Rachel sanoi...
Hi there Tanya,
It looks like it's still up and running (I can definitely see it). Perhaps the site server was temporary down.
You really got my hopes up for a sec! ;D

Same here
Bummer! >:(

whatever4024 said...

Just to add another name to your IMDb list. 'MelodyAnn' use to use the ID 'HeidiSchnitzer'. Believe me I know. I have talk to her and I was there when she changed it to MelodyAnn.

In fact. I made the connects years ago that all the listed ID’s were the same person, but no one believed me. I ended up leaving IMDb because of them/her.

HeidiSchnitzer -- as "tfb1956", "miamilover", and/or "QueenB2" -- as "Dixiebabe" and "ladyKSC" -- as "MelodyAnn"

whatever4024 said...

OK! I just checked my IMDb account. Haven’t been there in years. I had all the ID's saved as friends to keep track of them.

Other names to add to your list.

yelina (says she live in Beverlyhills and sees David on a regular basis)

Most of these accounts haven’t been used in years.

Rachel said...

@whatever4024: Sweet christ on a cracker -- I'm completely dumbfounded over here.

You know, several months back I received emails from several different "netizens" insisting that someone had outed her on

Since most of the threads were said to have been deleted, none of the tipsters were able to recall who outed her and what pseudonyms were involved.

I take it that you're the person who did the initial outing. Amazing. I was hoping you'd stumble across this blog eventually.

And thanks for the clarifications, I'll add the names to the list immediately.

Rachel said...

@whatever4024: Forgot to inquire into whether you have the IMDb profile URLs bookmarked and if you wouldn't mind posting them as well. If not, that's alright; I only ask as I tend to link the pseudonyms to a direct profile reference, where possible.

whatever4024 said...

Yes, that was me and a few other people that were posting at the time. Between the David Caruso, Emily Procter and CSI: Miami board, there was a few of us that noticed they all came and went together. THEN you couldn't say anything NEGATIVE about David Caruso or they would all gangup on you. THEN they all hated him, except MelodyAnn(I use to just call her Heidi).

What do I have to do to post a URL for the pages???

Oh! You are very welcome. I'm just happy other people now realize the entire thing. LOL!

whatever4024 said...

Oh! Forgot to add. She is on MySpace too!!

Karen -

Just realized that today. She has been on my MySpace page for awhile now, but just commented about something I posted in my blog there.

Just thought you would like to know.

whatever4024 said...

Sorry, had to wait until I got to work. I forgot me password to IMDb. LOL!!

norakuusik -
SeXyKiTTen1975 -
stephaniecc -
ladycc – No URL, canceled this account and reopened under stephaniecc
WingChick -
yelina -

Opps! Forgot two!!
shioban97 -
hollyhock -

Notice none of these account have credit card approval and most of them haven’t been used since June/July 2006. That is about the time I left IMDb all together.

Do you want to know her ID's on yahoo groups too?!?! She belongs to several of the CSI Miami groups I belong too.

Rachel said...

Ah yes, thanks for the URLs - great stuff.

Hmmm, as for the Yahoo Groups pseudonyms, It depends on whether she actively uses them. For example, I'm already aware that she presently spams a group or two as "Karen Spelling" (under the profile handle "dchc2005").

Of course, I wouldn't put it past her to put effort into signing in and out of/posting under multiple names. So let's see what ya got.

Did I mention that you're awesome?

Rachel said...

Oh, and yes -- I've had her "Fifitrixibelle" MySpace page listed in list for months (see the second one).

It's very, flabbergasting that we're talking about a 40-year-old with all these fake handles here, isn't it.

samantha said...

Hey, didn't read ALL the comments but our 'friend' is also on MySpace as David Caruso. Some folks actually think David has a MySpace account.

Hate to mention this but you could add a quite a few more names just as of today.

Keep at it! We need the exposure.

whatever4024 said...

Just to let you know. None of the CSI or CSI: Miami cast memebers have personal MySpace accounts. They are either fake or run by fans.

Many don't have the time and I know of one that doesn't even own a computer. LOL!!

Rachel said...

Yes, I was going to say that -- I don't think any of the CSI "actor"/character MySpace links belong to the stalker at all. I'm only aware of the one account "FifiTrixiebell" account listed in the "Pseudonym List".

whatever4024 said...

I just want to make it clear that none of the REAL people from CSI or CSI Miami have MySpace pages. So if someone is passing themselves off as a CSI or CSI Miami star(like Eric Szmanda, Emily Procter or any other actor from the show), they are lying.

I have it from two very good sources (one from CSI and one from CSI Miami). That none of the actors are on MySpace.

Rachel said...

Oh, I had no doubt that none of the real CSI actors are actually on MySpace (as MySpace is typically riddled with fake/"tribute" celeb sites). That's why I put actors in "..." but I couldn't been more specific. Hah!

whatever4024 said...

You would be surprised how many people think it really is the actors. LOL!! Most of the sites are so terrible, no actor would be a part of them.

I see you have the Yahoo ID's on here now. WAHOO!!!!

photoppet said...

Believe you can add Ranger99 to the list of fake IDs. Ranger99 spouted the usual drivel which horatiolover then immediately backed up. This happened under Dojo's blog on the TVGuide community discussions site.

Joe said...

You can also add " karen" name to aol sigh does it ever end?

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