Monday, August 27, 2007

Obsessive Celeb Fixations: Life Imitating Art?

Explicit lyrics, mildly disturbing content, not work-safe:

It's interesting to note how much of the internet presence of the David Caruso's mysterious cyberstalker resembles a character from a song entitled "Stan" by Eminem (featuring Dido). "Stan" is the story of an overly-obsessed fan who takes his fixation with Eminem to volatile and destructive levels. Reading the lyrics, one might be slightly disturbed by how familiar this all seems.


Tanya said...

Well... that song is one of the most horrorfied song I have ever heard... I meant the lyrics.
But the truth is.. there is such crazy people out there.

Sara said...

So sad when an obsession takes over someone's life.

lacyleanne said...

wow. powerful. i hope you know my obsession with david is not even remotely like that.

elikrini said...

There's something on my mind for a little time now and I was wondering what your opinion is. Of course you are all Caruso's fans but Ladies, let's take this out for a moment, o.k.? I would have asked those who seemingly hate him, but frankly, you can't have a serious or even logical discussion with any of them. There're just stuck in their ... I don't know how to call it, hate? jealousy?

I tried, I really did, to talk with one of them in IMDb but the woman is absorbed in her obsession.
All these people out there who hate David Caruso (or they don't know what exactly they are doing!!!!) why do they spend so much of their time thinking, searching and learning things about him? What is the problem with them? My question is more on the psychological side of the whole thing. I would have asked the same thing even if it was about an actor I don't like. When I don't like an actor (and trust me I don't like a lot of nunber1 stars) he is indifferent to me, I don't follow his career, I don't watch his films and I don't give a d'''n about his personal life (of course here I must add that I don't care what my favourite actors are doing in their personal lives, so imagine about the others!!!!!).
I am not talking about those who don't like his choice of his life partner (that is obviously jealousy!), I am talking about those who claim that he is untalented, ugly, unsuccessful and the list goes on, but still they are doing nothing else than following his every step with more passion and vigour than his fans.

I would love to have a dialog with a psychologist to ask if the actions of these people are normal or even healthy. I also can't stop wondering that if there where message boards back in the early 80's, maybe J.Lennon would have still been alive!

What do you thing drive these people into such behaviour?
And why on David Caruso?

Tanya said...

Elikrini, they are stalkers.. that's why. They are obsessed to the people they hate.

elikrini said...

My only comment is that our society is in major crisis!

If all these people are stalkers, we have many problematic individuals!

Thank you Tanya!

Rachel said...

@Elikrini and Tanya: It’s possible to make the mistake of conflating the presence of this one psychotic (the "Vixen" character) with people that may hold general opinions/critiques of an actor (in this case, Caruso).

As far as goes, at least 3 of the "regulars" ("MelodyAnn," "miamilover," and "Dixiebabe") are actually just one person talking to herself under 3 pseudonyms. The person’s clearly a lunatic and should be understood as a freakishly rare exception among people who have a general displeasure for Caruso or any other actor.

My point? Most people who don’t care for the actor or his work aren't consumed by a rabid hatred and obsession over his children, his ex-wives, his girlfriends and his sex life. They usually offer "one-off" send-ups that tend to be clearly satirical exaggerations of their displeasure. I personally don’t have a problem with that. I've done it with other actors and actresses (I’m not too keen about Angelina Jolie, for example).

But of course, neither on-line "satirists" nor I maintain several blogs used to publish paid-for info about the private addresses, SSN’s, and financial history of some actor. Contrastingly, the online lunatic does just that, consciously neglecting normal life functions (sleeping, earning a living) to obsess over some TV dude.

I mean, there are TV "pet peeves" and then there's outright criminal behavior. Unlike this lunatic, most people on-line haven't published anything that would warrant being placed in a little padded cell.

Rachel said...

Also, just to offer some perspective here:

You should consider that if not Caruso (and Marquez), it would be some other celebrity she'd be "cyber-stalking". In fact, if not some other celebrity, it would be an ex-boyfriend, ex-colleague, estranged family member –- I could go on.

As far as I can tell, she exhibits way too many characteristics of delusional, obsessive and possessive personality disorders. I’d wager that her real problems exist in spite of some actor, not because of him.

In a nutshell, be cognizant of distinguishing between mere actor/artist preferences and bat-sh*t insanity. Understandably, the two get blurred because this particular lunatic ("Vixen") validates her entire on-line existence by "blending in" among people who may harbor unfavorable opinions of the actor, but who clearly aren't insane.

Rachel said...


Now Lace, if I really thought like that, wouldn't I have a blog on you? ;)

Tanya said...

Rachel, you had three interesting links to stalker-info pages, but I can't find them anymore. Did you delete them.. or was I just dreaming?

Rachel said...


Here they are (one, two and three).

Tanya said...

Thanks Rachel..

Rachel said...

My pleasure, Tanya.

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