Monday, September 10, 2007

Cyberstalker turns up in month-old German press reports?

In a very surreal turn of events, it would appear that we finally have an answer to a few questions that this To Catch A Wacko blog half-jokingly/half-seriously raised several months ago (see: "How a Deranged Cyberstalker was Born") .

Either this is all a really bad coincidence or the mysterious woman behind more than two-dozen web pseudonyms, and countless online forum disruptions, appears to be a woman allegedly wanted by the US and Austrian criminal authorities for really stalking Caruso off-line.

It turns out that the German and Austrian press published these claims back in late July. Here is one such source, a German-only web paper based in Triol, Austria. An English translation of this particular article can be read after the "jump".

Many, many thanks to Christiane and Chris for being really generous about providing us with this English translation.

July 20, 2007
Unfulfilled autograph request: death threat
A woman from Innsbruck, Austria was tried for 'dangerous threats’ this Thursday. She had threatened to kill none other than the lead actor of the TV series CSI: Miami.

Threats sent by letter
The US TV-star David Caruso, lead actor of the TV show CSI:Miami and best known by his screen-name - "Horatio Caine" - received a death threat by a woman from Innsbruck [Austria]. Apparently, the woman wrote almost 100 letters to the actor. When her request for an autograph was not answered she threatened to kill Caruso and his girl-friend in a registered letter.

"CSI: Innsbruck" identified the perpetrator
The FBI together with the Austrian police department started to investigate the matter. They quickly identified the origin of the letters.

Suspect on the loose
The woman who is being accused of threatening the actor has disappeared. Neither family nor employer seems to have any knowledge of her whereabouts.

"The trial will be held in her absence," so says G√ľnther Gast, the appointed defense attorney of the accused stalker. "My client has not been seen at work. Her family fears that something bad has happened."

Whether David Caruso has ever received the letters is doubtful, probably not very likely.

US requests extradition
Since the US government has issued a request for extradition, it would be dangerous for the woman to be on her way to Miami – the [filming] location of CSI: Miami - as she has done many times in the past.

"The worst thing to do now would be to book a flight to the US. The woman would be taken into custody at the airport and would face considerably higher charges than she would in this country."

DA has never seen his client
"The missing stalker is probably a woman who appears without many obvious problems in life. She has family and is successful in her job," so goes the description given by her defense attorney. He has, however, never met her in person.

She did not appear in court on Thursday, where she was to be tried for making 'dangerous threats'. A psychiatrist attested the Caruso-fan may have a profound mental disability. A second medical opinion will examine how dangerous the woman is.


It's all rather unnerving, for lack of better terms, and generally not as funny as the situation once appeared to be, particularly since the mysterious woman has disrupted on-line communities on a daily basis even after the reports were published weeks ago.

At the end of the day, in spite of our speculation that the mysterious woman was deeply disturbed, we didn't imagine that the situation went beyond an issue of just some highly narcissistic and annoying internet troll. Nor did it occur to us that the "cyberstalking" was a serious extension of real physical staking.

Finally, it's just a tad disturbing that our initial question -- "what gives?" -- would be answered under such criminal legal circumstances. One may vehemently like or dislike a person but there's no debating that stalking and physically threatening them is simply abnormal human behavior.

Looks like the situation has progressed *far* beyond the scope of even this blog.


Tanya said...

oh no!
she could be anywhere.. ´though I hope she's not even near LA or Miami.

CSISandrine said...

I hope authorities will caught her very soon !

Rachel said...


Yeah, she could be anywhere. Then again, if this is really a criminal matter, I would think that this means she's also being pursued by the relevant authorities and her activities on-line are being monitored.

Rachel said...

And you know what? There's clearly no use in engaging her in exchanges or "debate". Skip over the baiting remarks and report the abusive behavior to the mods, if necessary and/or possible.

It's suddenly clearer that she's not simply an internet troll. Getting a rise out of other people seems to be part of whatever pathological behavior the article implies she may have.

Let her talk to herself until the law intervenes.

Tanya said...

yet another blog? what do you think?
there is one very insulting post about Liza..

Rachel said...

Thanks Tanya and yes, indeed. I stumbled across it, literally the other day -- I intend to add it to the "Pseudonym List" with a few other recent gems.

Brian said...

i have investigate myself and chariah and vixen are not the same person,i just want to let you know,and i dont see the harm on david's life from chariah,she just write about funny things.ah and btw,i think vixen is on LA.

Yamaha said...

It's been 2 years since this incident. What's the update on the situation?

Cyber Bullying Report said...

Cyber Stalker are really getting creepy these days.

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